A new life

"I have grown up here , this is my home” said Rinkon Das, with a very polite and shy smile. His mother Geeta Rani Das passed away when he was a baby of only six months. And three months later sadly his father passed away too. “My grandmother brought me here and I have other sisters, who were here and passed out from the orphanage. Rinkon will be sitting for SSC (Secondary School Certificate) examination this year. Apart from studying, Rinkon enjoys playing cricket, football and climbing trees.

Like many of the older girls present in the orphanage, Reshmi helps in all the chores along with her studies. Reshmi’s father left her mother when she was few months old and her mother was unable to take care of Reshmi for which she gave her away to the orphanage when she was just 6 years old.Presently Reshmi is in class X and preparing for her SSC (Secondary School Certificate) examination. She goes to the local Unshattarpara High School. When asked what she would like to do when she grew up she promptly replies, “I want to study further and not to just get married like others” With hopes, dreams and aspirations she goes back to her daily chores. She also mention that her mother works as a domestic help in the main city and earn about Tk- 1000/- monthly along with free food and lodging since 2004. She says “ My mother visits me occasionally and I am quite content and happy here “

My name is Emu Das. I am studying in class 5 and I am 11 years of age. My Thakurma (grandmother) brought me here in 2009. My parents had an unfortunate accident in a fire at the garments factory where they worked. I attend all my classes regularly and whenever I am free I play with other friends here at the orphanage.