Our history

The orphanage is situated on 4 acres of land about 20 km from the main city of Chittagong. The orphanage also has 2 ponds which produce different variety of fishes every year. Some common types that are found are Nylotika, Koi , Puti and Ruhi. These fishes are sold in the local market and are an income source for the orphanage. The children are also given these fishes for their meals on special occasions. Apart from the fishes the orphanage also grows a variety of vegetables and greens such as pumpkins, radishes, gourds and lady’s fingers. The children enjoy them for their meals along with the fresh fishes from the ponds.

There are a variety of fruit trees within the boundaries of the orphanage. Litchis, jackfruits, mangoes and papayas are plentiful. Along with the children the local rhesus monkeys and grey langurs which is locally known as the Hunuman also enjoys these fruits with pleasure, perched up on the bamboos, surrounding the orphanage.

During the liberation war the entire orphanage was wrecked and looted, all records were destroyed and the orphanage suffered heavy damages. After the liberation war ,the Late Juhur Ahmed Chowdhury, Minister of Social Welfare Department, Peoples Republic of Bangladesh urged the Directorate of social welfare to take initiative to save the orphanage. Thereafter , the orphanage restarted functioning with the assistance and co operation of the NGOs Caritas and World Vision, who winded up this project and left in 2002.

Decades have passed since then philanthropists individuals of various categories have been cooperatively functioning for the management of the orphanage. The management committee is grateful to the Ashram Guruji Sremat Guruprashadji whose inspiration, kindness and a blessings towards the orphan knows no bound.

There are 3 hostels for the children that are present in the orphanage, 2 for girls ( one for the junior girls ,one for the senior girls) and the other one for the boys. World Vision was responsible for building the junior girls hostel and the boys hostel. Guru Prashadji built the senior girls hostel. Currently there are 100 orphans living at the orphanage.( 56 boys & 44 girls).

According to the Audited Report of last AGM the total annual expenditure for the orphanage was Tk.15,99,455 (Taka Fifteen lac Ninety Nine Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Five ) of which the orphanage received Tk.6,00,000/-(Six lac )from Government Social Welfare Department & the rest are donation of Life Members, well wishers, philanthropists & different voluntary organizations.