Future plan & an appeal

It is heartening to note that we have undertaken a mega plan of erecting a five storied hostel capable of providing all possible amenities to the destitute boys for purposes of their basic education.We intend to keep 300 orphans in near future in the orphanage. The Ashram Orphanage has been relentlessly working for the comprehensive well-being of the distressed and vulnerable segment of our society. The implementation of the huge project involves a vast expenditure that cannot be met single-handed by the Ashram Orphanage without generous financial contribution from different philanthropic donors and organizations. We would like to make a fervent appeal to the philanthropists and charitable organisations of home and abroad to come forward with their mite for the speedy and smooth implementation of the massive project. We do have every conviction that our honest vision of serving the distressed humanity through completing a project like this will turn into a reality with the best of humanitarian gestures from all concerned, co operation in terms of concrete financial succor will be highly appreciated.