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The great sage Anggera had his hermitage near the peak Gouri of Himalayas. Having a deep rooted origin here, the spirit of the ideals of the Upanishad age left a impression upon Shri Swami Purnanada Praramhangshadev from the great sages, Anggera and Matanga. He travelled with a vow a vast land of great India extending from Kannyakumarika at the extreme south to Haridwar at the extreme north untiring always, he was everywhere in preaching the great ideals of Upanishad and founded an Ashram (hermitage ) at Tamakumundi in Chittagong town.But as it always was the practice of the sages to have their meditation places located at a place far away from the noisy luxuries of life, the Ashram was later shifted to a lonely place in a deep jungle surrounded by hills. It was Boishakh 3 of the Bengali year 1306 that the Ashram started its new days in the village Unshattarpara under Raozan Upazilla of Chittagong District in Bangladesh.

The Ashram was named Jagatpur Ashram commemorating Jagat Chandra Das ,an officer of the Chittagong Judge Court, who dedicated a lot of his means and abilities to arrange for this suitable piece of land. Then came a turning point in 1944, a period during the World War II , marked by mass destruction, famine and death. Then the DDPI of Chittagong , Mr. Bottemley happened to visit this Ashram and opined that an orphanage should be set up here immediately to help the distressed humanity. Appreciating the philanthropic importance of this opinion, the management committee took initiative for setting up an orphanage and this was the dawn of a new chapter not only in the history of Jagatpur Ashram but also for a large area of Chittagong, as since then orphans from places far and near have been constantly finding a home for their education and care, a home where they will feel that they are not discarded by God. This is Jagatpur Ashram Orphanage, a body that began its journey with 250 orphans in a very tragic time of human history.

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Our team has an unrivalled dedication that will bring you peace of mind, using our thorough, methodical, creative, knowledge and fun approach together with your big ideas can only mean one thing…VERY successful events time and time again! Our experience. Your vision.

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Education for all

Education is an essential right, which permits each person to receive instruction and to blossom socially. The right to an education is vital for the economic, social and cultural development of all societies. To provide basic practical education in poultry & farming, establish a library to gather knowledge.


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The concept of the orphanage in to take the responsibility of providing free of cost education, food, lodging, religious education, technical education to the orphans, destitute of poor class of the society.To prevent children from criminal activities. To involve them in social work, sports & extra curricular activities.


Health care

Good health is one of the most important ingredients for a happy and productive life. And yet, many people do not have access to health care and live in conditions that spread disease. We ensure that our children will stay out of this disease .


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It is heartening to note that we have undertaken a mega plan of erecting a five storied hostel capable of providing all possible amenities to the destitute boys for purposes of their basic education.We intend to keep 300 orphans in near future in the orphanage. The Ashram Orphanage has been relentlessly working for the comprehensive well-being of the distressed and vulnerable segment of our society. The implementation of the huge project involves a vast expenditure that cannot be met single-handed by the Ashram Orphanage without generous financial contribution from different philanthropic donors and organizations. We would like to make a fervent appeal to the philanthropists and charitable organizations of home and abroad to come forward with their mite for the speedy and smooth implementation of the massive project. We do have every conviction that our honest vision of serving the distressed humanity through completing a project like this will turn into a reality with the best of humanitarian gestures from all concerned, co operation in terms of concrete financial succor will be highly appreciated.

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